Gotcha Covered provides you with the training and ongoing support you need to become and remain successful. We have a vested interest in you being able to run the franchise profitably and succeeding in your business because the more profits you make, the more money Gotcha Covered makes.

Brand Awareness

It can take years for a business to successfully build a well-recognized brand that helps drive sales and provides an advantage over other competitors. Brand awareness can make or break a business and Gotcha Covered provides instant and proven brand awareness without the time and effort that would otherwise be required.

Purchasing Power

Gotcha Covered has the ability to purchase goods, products, and supplies at reduced rates because we use the combined buying power of all the franchisees to negotiate better deals and buy in bulk.

Proven Business Plan

Most of the thoughts, mistakes and successes of a business have been worked out by Gotcha Covered, so you as the franchisee can avoid these mistakes and focus on the successful processes.

Unique Assets

Most franchises are built on some unique feature or features, such as specific recipes, business processes, marketing programs, etc. that other businesses can’t copy. For Gotcha Covered, our franchise system is built around our Decor Creator software that we have invested millions of dollars and many years to develop. Quite literally, we know of no other software on the planet that can do what our software does!


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