Chad and Kelly are the owners of Gotcha Covered's Fort McMurray territory.  Their story is they wanted to do something on their days off and they chose window treatments, not because they knew anything about them but because Alberta is always growing and they felt it would be a good opportunity to take advantage of a low cost, low risk business model offered through Gotcha Covered.  Why not try it!?!

They came up with the money and bought the franchise together.  Chad's wife (Keri) now runs the business full time with Chad and Kelly doing the installs on their days off away from their regular jobs as Power Engineers.  They never wanted to give up their full time jobs: however, they became very busy in a hurry. Keri, thankfully, took over the sales and their outstanding reputation is due to her efforts.  They believe in Fort McMurray, Alberta and Gotcha Covered so they bought the territories in the Edmonton region for resale.  They went to Denver for training and were able to meet with the board of directors, the owners of the company and the President.  They treated them very well and they felt like part of the family.  Thanks Vic and Paul from Gotcha Covered - you are a class act!

If you are interested in a quality company through which you can create a nice lifestyle, please contact Kelly Hodgen at 1-780-788-5201 or by email kellyhodgen@gotchacovered.com .

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